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My New Mermaid Tail

Posted by Airowin The GoldKoi Mermaid on May 31, 2011 at 2:47 PM Comments comments (0)

The Fish Picture in the BG's is Mine. I Took it While i was at collage, Anyways 

Well i think it would be ok to start from the beginning,

Well 2 years ago i came across this site called FoxMoon productions, I was freaking happy because they sold swimmable mermaid tails, Reason how i found out about them is i was in art class in 11 grade searching threw mermaids on google an i thought how cool would it be if i made a swimmable mermaid tail for a project, Well when i found out that it would be months before spring an summer i decided to google search my idea turns out people where making mermaid tails an selling them online, So im browsing the site an i find a Oil slick pattern that looked to me like scales, i wrote down every thing i wanted took the right mesurments, and saved up my money, 3 weeks later i got the tail in the mail I was so happy, when i opened it something was not right, I put the tail on an i noticed it was very very very Loose around my waist i went back with my mom an checked the math every thing was write except for the tail, We called them up an said the tail was gigantic an that they messed up or something, well sadly they stuck up their nose an said no refunds or returns,

I was very sad, But then my mom decided to see what she could do with it, she hemmed the sides a couple of times an it seemed to work for about a hour in the water but after a while the fabric would stretch an stretch, i have no clue what to do so when i had to go to collage i took it with me just in case, yea i swam in it a few times but it kept stretching,

So I decided to make my own mermaid tail, less the worry an less money, I wanted my new tail to be unique so i chose a fish that others have never really seen before let alone put together, A Koi Goldfish Hybrid Mermaid tail, This is what ive been wanting to make for a long while now, and now i can, I have the pattern paper, the mesurements and the Fabric sample set an ready to go find again, The last thing i need after i get the tail pattern cut out an sewn is the Fabric paint which is Lumiere Paint, I will be painting on the Koi spots an some goldfish areas, :D and i cant wait!!!!  

I want to say thanks to the two mermaids who made vids on how to make a mermaid tail, Both From youtube, BurnOutHappy and Little Orca, they provided good instructions on how to make the tails, an hopefully my tail will be as beautiful as theirs, :D